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Number One in Ibis Sales for 2009, Number One in Ibis Buyers for 2009, Number One in Listings Sold for 2009 and Number One in Listings Sold in the History of Ibis, The Telchin Group is the definitive Number One Ibis Sales Team in Ibis.

In 2009, per MLS data, The Telchin Group sold 62% more Ibis homes than the second place sales team and brought more than twice as many buyers to Ibis sales than the second place sales team.


The Telchin Group is pleased to present The Telchin Report: Ibis Year-End Market Report, 2009. We have examined every sale, based on MLS data since 2005 and have generated this thorough, easy-to-read “State of the Market” which illustrates how the Ibis real estate market has changed in recent years (and in some cases, how it hasn’t changed very much at all).

The 2009 Ibis real estate market tells a mixed story: Although price per square foot for Ibis homes decreased 16% in 2009, there was only a 5% decrease in the number of Ibis sales.

There is no question that the Ibis real estate market has faced more challenges than ever in 2009. Although we can not affect market conditions, we can continue to find ways to communicate the inherent value Ibis provides. As the definitive Number One Sales Team in Ibis, The Telchin Group continues to employ its four marketing channels (Newspaper, Direct Mail, Internet and E-Mail) to find the most effective ways to meaningfully and consistently reach Ibis buyers. We are dedicated to working harder than ever in 2010 and as, always, welcome your thoughts and questions.

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Supply and demand accurately depicts the Ibis real estate market from 2005 to 2009. In 2005 there were 30 resale homes for sale. The number of unsold resale homes skyrocketed to 240 at the beginning of 2007. Supply of homes decreased throughout 2007 to approximately 150, and has hovered between 160-175 since. In 2009, there were 82 Ibis sales, which is 43% less than 2005’s sales and 5% less than 2008’s sales.

Cost per square foot for Ibis homes decreased 23% from 2005 to 2009 and decreased 16% from 2008 to 2009.





This diagram illustrates trends in Ibis sales by price range. From 2008 to 2009, there was a 68% increase in Ibis home sales under $400,000. Additionally, 79% of 2009 sales were under $800,000, which is a consistent percentage when compared to previous years. Only one Ibis home sold above $1.2 Million in 2009.








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