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Ibis Real Estate Sales Data

The Telchin Group is the definitive Number One real estate team in Ibis Golf and Country Club. According to the MLS, from January 1, 2006 to September 1, 2008, The Telchin Group has sold more than twice the number of resale Ibis listings as their closest competitor and more than six times as many Ibis listings as their second place competitor. Additionally, The Telchin Group has sold more listings in Ibis Golf and Country Club than the second through tenth place listing agents COMBINED. 

Through their constant availability, Ibis expertise, negotiating skills and unsurpassed marketing channels, The Telchin Group delivers superior results to Ibis Sellers and Ibis Buyers. They bring a commitment to excellence and a stellar record as they look forward to selling your Ibis home.

The Telchin Group Marketing Secrets in Ibis

No other real estate team in the history of Ibis Golf and Country Club spends as much money or as much effort as The Telchin Group. Through their four marketing channels: Internet, Email, Direct Mail and Print, The Telchin Group reaches Ibis buyers across the globe consistently and meaningfully. In today’s Ibis real estate market, Ibis buyers very often select Ibis properties to view, and give the addresses to their REALTOR. Because Ibis properties listed with The Telchin Group receive maximum exposure, and because Ibis buyers often pick out which properties they would like to view, it is virtually impossible for a buyer to not know about a Telchin Group listing in Ibis Golf and Country Club.   

Ibis Real Estate for Sellers Internet

The only site in the history of Ibis to offer in-depth neighborhood guides and floor plans for every Ibis Golf and Country Club neighborhood, with the ability to sort Ibis homes by Ibis neighborhood, thetelchingroup.com is the definitive source for real estate information in Ibis Golf and Country Club. For every Ibis home, users are able to view a Virtual Tour, download a floor plan, see the corresponding Ibis neighborhood guide, view an Ibis home’s location on a map and more. With advanced Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click advertising programs, The Telchin Group spends significant marketing dollars generating traffic to thetelchingroup.com. Additionally, The Telchin Group’s Ibis listings are syndicated across the globe, to hundreds of real estate web sites, from Yahoo Real Estate to Trulia, Oodle and many others. The Telchin Group’s advanced subscriptions and featured placements on REALTOR.com positions The Telchin Group’s Ibis listings to reach Ibis buyers ahead of the competition.

Ibis Real estate for Sellers Direct Mail

Ibis Golf and Country Club residents look forward to The Telchin Group’s mailings which are consistently sent throughout the year to Ibis buyers and Ibis residents.  From panoramic postcards to 16-page  magazines and catalogues, The Telchin Group produces professional and innovative mailings which promote their Ibis listings and drive traffic to thetelchingroup.com. With their exclusive mailing list which has been developed over years, The Telchin Group sends these mailings to Ibis residents, and select buyers throughout the globe.

Ibis Homes for Sale Marketing Newspaper

No other real estate organization working in Ibis spends more marketing dollars in newspaper advertising. The Telchin Group’s full-page, four-color newspaper ad in The Palm Beach Post is a consistent display of The Telchin Group’s Ibis listings. Exclusively dedicated to homes in Ibis Golf and Country Club, The Telchin Group’s ad is designed to attract buyers' attention and generate interest in your home, while being easy-to-read and elegant. Because The Telchin Group understands the importance of reach and consistency, The Telchin Group’s ad is the only ad exclusively dedicated to Ibis Golf and Country Club that appears 52 weeks a year in The Palm Beach Post.

Ibis Homes for Sale Marketing Email

The Telchin Group uses email to stay in touch with potential Ibis buyers all over the world. With an exclusive subscriber list, email blasts convey new Ibis listings, Ibis price reductions, Ibis market updates, Ibis information and special promotions.  Thetelchingroup.com traffic spikes when email blasts are sent, as users not only view the email, but explore The Telchin Group's Ibis listings. Additionally, many email recipients forward the messages to friends, creating an effective viral marketing strategy.
































The Telchin Group generates more traffic to Ibis properties than any other real estate organization working in Ibis. The Telchin Group’s organizational and scheduling systems insure your Ibis home will be made as accessible as possible. With four Ibis resident real estate agents living in Ibis Golf and Country Club, The Telchin Group is equipped to show Ibis homes for sale seven days a week, 365 days a year.


The Telchin Group has sold more Ibis listings than any other listing agent in the history of the Ibis Golf and Country Club.  Additionally, The Telchin Group knows Ibis because they live Ibis. Four full-time Ibis residents and Ibis members, Eric, Barbara, Steve and Sue work exclusively in this magnificent community.  Ibis buyers and other agents rely upon on their area knowledge, contacts and Ibis expertise to guide them through the buying process.  Because The Telchin Group is immersed in the community and country club, Ibis buyers look to them as Ibis insiders who can help them assimilate into the community.

S M A R T   P R I C I N G

The Telchin Group’s goal is to sell your Ibis home for the highest price in the shortest time, while making the experience as comfortable as possible for you. In conjunction with The Telchin Group’s extensive marketing channels, an effective price strategy is necessary to facilitate a successful sale. The Telchin Group’s comprehensive understanding of the Ibis real estate market and the mindset of the Ibis buyer enables them to work with you in formulating a pricing strategy that’s right for today’s Ibis real estate market.


The Telchin Group consummates more deals than any other real estate team in Ibis Golf and Country Club. Their communication, interpersonal and negotiating skills allow them to make contracts work. Having successfully closed hundreds of Ibis transactions, The Telchin Group knows the intricacies of Ibis real estate, equipping them to smoothly navigate from offer to closing.


The Telchin Group believes that informed Ibis sellers are best equipped to make effective decisions regarding the sale of their home. That is why The Telchin Group dedicates many hours per week sharing feedback with sellers.  Additionally, The Telchin Group sends a monthly Ibis Real Estate newsletter to their Ibis listings in order to share relevant Ibis market updates, sales data and plans for future marketing campaigns. This open and consistent communication is the hallmark of The Telchin Group’s stellar record of listing retention and client satisfaction.


The Telchin Group: Ibis's #1 Sales Team