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Furnish Your New Luxury Home With These Essentials

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Purchasing a luxury home is just the first step to living the high life. Once the deal is closed, the most exciting part begins – furnishing your new luxury property. To avoid being overwhelmed by the array of available choices, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help furnish new luxury homes on West Palm Beach.

  1. Space, space, and more space

    Nothing gives off a luxury home vibe more than showcasing the space of the property. This means an open-floor plan in which you can tell your design story by highlighting flow, theme, focal points, transitions from one area to another, ceiling height, exquisite decor, and more through the judicious use of expanse.

  2. Make it a smart home

    A luxury home is a great purchase, but living in a smart luxury home is a whole other thing. Invest in innovative systems that do not just make life so much easier, but are way cooler than most. They include voice-activated lights, locks, and music; apps that can control home temperature and window blinds; and alarms that can be activated with just a few taps on the phone. These days, integrating all of these in one app can easily be done.

  3. Earth-friendly materials

    A smart home doesn’t preclude a return to the classics, such as earth-friendly homes incorporating more wood than cold minimalism. Reclaimed wood is commonly used and highly prized. As pillars and beams, reclaimed wood lends a sense of stature and history to luxury homes.

  4. Top-of-line home gym

    Home gyms were the lifeblood of fitness fans during the pandemic. But it can remain your go-to place even if gym memberships have resumed. You can continue to work out anytime it suits you. Assess the equipment you have on hand and find out if you need upgrades. Most luxury home gyms include a full set of premium home gym equipment, built-in wireless speakers, and large monitors. To cool down and relax after working out, luxury homes also have an indoor spa or jacuzzi next to the home gym.

  5. Luxury kitchen

    What’s a luxury home without a decked-out kitchen? Think commercial-grade appliances, warming drawers, wine fridges, and a walk-in pantry. New and trendy: a
    back or second kitchen
    . Don’t skip premium-quality utensils, as well as pots and pans.

  6. Media room

    A media or entertainment room has now become a feature of luxury homes. Whether you enjoy streaming movies or playing games, a media room can be a place to enjoy hours of fun with the family. Furnish with Smart 4K Ultra HD screens and a state-of-the-art home theater audio system.

    Make sure your furnishings are complementary, such as sound-absorbing carpet and drapes, as well as cozy sofas. This helps create a better theater experience in home cinema, as will investing in theater-style chairs with built-in cup holders and reclining features.


While we march to our own drum when it comes to design choices, we do get inspired by what industry experts have to say. Here are a few of their interior design predictions in 2023:



In designing your new luxury home, choose a single theme for a unified look and feel, decide on a color palette that brings you joy, and create spaces that exude elegance, relaxation, and fun. Don’t forget the exterior of your luxury home as well – a well-kept yard, trimmed trees, and pathways also influence the overall feel of your home!

If you can’t wait to find your next property so you can dress it in the style that reflects your style, The Telchin Group, LLC can help you find the best available luxury homes in West Palm Beach, Florida. These properties are easily accessible to The Club at Ibis Real Estate, known for its championship golf course and famed luxury homes Palm Beach gardens. Call 561.301.0249 or contact us here to get started.

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