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How the latest smart home automation devices can save you money

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Smart home devices don’t just make your life easier. If used wisely, they can also help you save energy and, in turn, money. Here are some ways smart devices can save you money.

Reduces your phantom load

Phantom load, sometimes called vampire load, is a phenomenon common among many household appliances and electronics. This is a condition when devices continue to use up electricity even when they are turned off or aren’t in use. Such appliances include coffee makers, microwaves, televisions, and speakers. While they may not consume a significant wattage every time they’re not in use, these sum up to a significant amount over time if you add them all together. The average phantom load in a typical household can easily exceed $130 a year.

So where does smart home technology come in? There are smart plugs that monitor the energy use of anything you plug in them. These smart plugs can help you track down energy hogs around your home. Once you find the ones that have the most phantom load, you can choose to manually unplug them right after each use or before you head to bed. These smart plugs will only cost you $20 to $50 – definitely a lot less than the annual cost of your phantom load.

Auto-regulates cooling and heating systems

According to the US EIA, air conditioning is the major contributor to home energy expenditures in the country. This can increase electric bills by more than $500 a year, depending on the climate you have in your area. But if you have a smart thermostat, this optimizes both cooling and heating in your HVAC, automatically adjusting temperatures to prevent using up unnecessary power.

Some smart thermostats can optimize temperature levels by taking into consideration the time it takes to cool your home, as well as your habits and schedules. It turns your HVAC off when you’re not at home and then turns the system back on before you get home so that it’s not too hot or too cold when you arrive.

Aside from thermostats, you may also opt for a smart air conditioner or a standard one with a smart plug. Smart ceiling fans are also a great energy-saving option. These have motion sensors that only turn on when someone’s in the room. Lastly, one effective way to reduce the heat in a room is to close the shades. Smart shades can be programmed to open and close at specific times so that it’s not too hot during the day when no one needs all the sunlight coming in.

Turns off lights

Instances occur when you or any of your family members accidentally leave the lights on even while no one’s around for the whole day. This won’t be a problem when you have smart light bulbs installed. Smart lighting can be automated, scheduled, and even remotely controlled. They’re fairly simple to install – all you need to do is to screw them in. Smart bulbs, which are LEDs, use up a lot less energy compared to standard incandescent lights. Most smart lights also have dimming functions that come in handy when you don’t really need strong lighting. Other light-related energy savers are smart switches and smart plugs.

Conserves water

One might think – what do smart devices have to do with water? You’d be surprised that there are smart water valves on the market. These are installed on your water main, and they can alert you to any leaks and dripping faucets. When they detect a burst pipe, they can turn off the main to prevent a full-blown leak or flood in your home.

Another way of conserving water is by using smart sprinklers. Not only do they efficiently water your lawn but they also save you the hassle of doing it yourself every morning. Smart sprinklers can also control water use depending on soil moisture, the weather, and even the types of plants you have in your garden. Alternatively, smart faucet controllers can work on standard sprinklers or hoses.

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