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Top questions to ask before joining a golf club like Ibis in West Palm Beach, FL

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One of the most beautiful and most prestigious golf country clubs in West Palm Beach, The Club at Ibis is where you want to be if you aim for an active and luxurious lifestyle. Then again, there are certain things about living in a country club like Ibis that you need to know so you can determine if this is truly the lifestyle you desire.

To help you out in your decision-making, here are several questions to ask before deciding to get a membership in the Ibis Golf and Country Club or in any other Florida country club, for that matter.

What kind of membership do you have?

The first thing to do before getting a country club membership is to find out the type of membership the club offers and its fees.

Is it an equity or a non-equity golf club membership? What this means is whether the members own and run the club or if it’s corporate-owned. Also ask if the club is private or semi-private, as they may offer different amenities based on your membership.

For the most part, country clubs offer a membership structure for individuals, families, social groups, out-of-state entities, and corporate entities.

How are dues paid?

What is the payment structure offered by the country club? Membership dues are usually paid either monthly or annually. You can also ask if they offer individual or family membership structures. Based on this membership category, the amenities available to you may also vary.

What are the available amenities?

Of course, you’ll want to know about the amenities the country club offers. Some semi-private country clubs offer better tee time schedules or caddy and cart availability if you’re a member.

You may also want to compare amenities of each country club. For example, Country Clubs A and B cost $150 per month. While Country Club A offers locker room service and free use of fitness equipment, Country Club B offers more holes in their golf course.

Do you charge a food minimum?

One of the hidden costs of purchasing a membership in a gold country club is the food minimum. This is exactly what it sounds like – the minimum amount of money you need to spend on food or drinks each month.

Some golf clubs will have food minimums while others will not. But this is more common at private golf clubs. The food minimum will vary by course, but it’s generally between $50 and $200.

What is your policy for cancellations?

What happens when you no longer want to be a member? The cancellation policy at your golf club will vary depending on the type of club.

Private equity memberships typically refund all (or most) of the initial membership cost when you cancel your membership.

Meanwhile, private non-equity memberships refund none or a much smaller portion of your investment when you leave the club.

The cancellation policy at public golf clubs may vary from course to course. However, a common rule among most public courses is that after receipt and processing of a member’s application, the management has no obligation to refund membership fees except in circumstances such as a serious injury or illness, or if the member is moving to a new city.

If you cancel your membership midway through the season, you will usually only receive a refund for the unused months.

Can you provide details on the golf course/s here?

You’ll also want to learn about the course before joining a particular golf club. After all, the golf course is usually the reason people get a membership here.

First, ask yourself these questions: Do you prefer links-style courses or parkland courses? Are you a long hitter or not so much? Do you want to play in wide fairways or tight ones?

One thing golfers often overlook is the difficulty of the course. This is specified by the course rating. It compares the difficulty of a course to the abilities of a scratch golfer. The course rating will vary depending on the tees you play on, so be sure to take this into account when researching golf clubs to join.

Let’s face it: Golf is always more enjoyable when you shoot good scores. If you choose to join a course that’s known for being difficult, it might limit your enjoyment of the sport.

What are your rules regarding tee time?

Some country clubs, especially private ones, are more likely to prioritize members who have been around longer when it comes to allocating tee times. This can be a problem if you can only play at certain times and your schedule is in conflict with that of a long-time member of the club.

Generally, high-profile tee times include early mornings on weekends and evenings during the workweek.

You’ll be amazed by the wonderful amenities and the range of housing options in The Club at Ibis. To know more about these options, get in touch with the resident Ibis real estate specialists themselves – The Telchin Group, LLC. Call them at 561.301.0249 or send an email here.

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