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Crystal River, Florida

Find the perfect wedding venue at The Club at Ibis

There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding. And just like in real estate, the location matters. The perfect wedding venue is literally the stage for your very special day and in South Florida, there is no better place to tie the kn...

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Luxury home

Luxury home features that buyers find irresistible

Planning on putting your West Palm Beach property up for sale? Your research should include what luxury home buyers are looking for in the market. Your house may be in a prime location such as The Club at Ibis, but it will also be competing...

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Turning your luxury home into a smart home

Turning Your Luxury Home Into a Smart Home

Smart home technology isn’t the future. It’s our current reality and it is having a positive impact on the lives of homeowners all over the world. It’s also taking over luxury homes in Florida, giving homeowners the opportunity to aut...

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Family client looking for a new home

9 Items to Check When Buying a New House

It’s easy to get carried away once you find the home of your dreams. But before you buy a house in Ibis, here are a few items to inspect during your next home viewing appointment. Major appliances Most home purchases come with majo...

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couples searhing home online

Things to Consider When Remodeling a Luxury Home

Remodeling is an excellent way of potentially raising the value of your luxury home in West Palm Beach. Whether you’re thinking of modest upgrades like changing your backsplash, or major work like overhauling the kitchen, undertaking the ...

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