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Luxury Real Estate: Golf Community Homes

Golf properties are among the most desirable luxury homes for sale in Florida — especially in a sought-after golf community like The Club at Ibis. However, buyers have no reason to worry when they have an expert local Realtor guiding them through the homebuying process.

If you’re setting your sights on a luxurious golf home? Read on to learn more about the essential things you should consider.

What makes golf properties so highly coveted?

Luxury real estate is more than just about the multi-million dollar price tags. True luxury is owning a home that offers a complete experience — specifically one that fully captures the homeowner’s interests and ideals.

Golf properties fit this bill to a tee.

While they may appear at first to target a niche market (regular players and enthusiasts of the sport), golf communities present a well-rounded luxury living experience for all types of homebuyers. In fact, golf communities may even represent the height of upscale living for some buyers, thanks to their comprehensive selection of exclusive community amenities and facilities.

Most golf communities today feature full-size swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness facilities that expand the range of activities residents can enjoy within their premises. Spacious clubhouses provide elegant venues for social interaction and community-wide events.

There are also golf communities that cater to retirement age homeowners, providing on-site healthcare services and daily living assistance.

Dedicated amenities aside, these communities also come with a relaxing resort ambience, with sweeping views of surrounding natural beauty that can take your breath away. It’s no surprise why luxury homebuyers are willing to pay a premium for prime real estate in golf communities.

Why should you buy a golf property?

    • It makes a good long-term investment

Like any other type of real estate, the value of golf properties also fluctuates over short periods. In the long run, however, strong and consistent demand ensures that this value remains high.

More importantly, luxury real estate is an investment class all its own. The luxury market is less affected, if at all, by typical economic fluctuations compared to the rest of the market.

In fact, the luxury sector has historically been proven to be the first to rebound after a recession and has served as precursor to how the rest of the real estate market performs.

    • Golf homes offer excellent value for your money

If you look at the prices of luxury homes in West Palm Beach’s outstanding The Club at Ibis community, you might be surprised that they are not that much higher than other luxury homes in surrounding South Florida neighborhoods.

Having a golf course near an area tends to enhance the desirability of surrounding communities, leading to higher home prices there. This narrows the gap between the prices of homes within and outside the development. With more benefits at hand when you buy in the golf community, you get much greater value for your investment.

    • Golf homes can be profitable

Are you investing in a second home in a golf community? Consider renting out the property when you are not using it. Consult your agent about local ordinances and regulations to see if you can turn your property into a short-term rental business.

    • You get an active, healthy lifestyle

Golf is great exercise for players of all ages, and the abundance of sunshine and the lush setting will do wonders for your disposition.

Even if golf is not your recreational activity of choice, the variety of facilities and amenities in golf communities presents you with various options to stay engaged, both physically and socially.

What should you look into when buying a golf home?

    • Location and accessibility

Accessibility is important whether or not you plan to live permanently in your golf home. You should be able to make the trip with ease whenever you feel like taking a vacation or spending a weekend out on the links.

The property’s location also impacts its value as an investment. Proximity to major thoroughfares, transportation hubs, and popular destinations in the area helps boost your golf home’s value to a greater degree over time.

    • The selection of amenities

Remember that in addition to a luxury home, you are also purchasing a membership to access the golf club’s various facilities and services. Does the community that you are considering offer amenities that match your interests and preferred lifestyle?

    • Membership fees and other recurring financial obligations

Learn everything you can about your total cost of ownership before committing to any purchase deals. These can include — but are not limited to — annual club membership dues, regular maintenance fees, and property taxes.

    • Rules and regulations for homeowners

As a member of an exclusive club, you must adhere to guidelines established for the safety and well-being of the entire community. Inquire about these rules before finalizing the purchase to determine whether you are comfortable with abiding by them.

Explore the fine selection of luxury real estate at The Club at Ibis

Looking for the home of your dreams at The Club at Ibis? Work only with a trusted Realtor who knows this world-renowned golf community inside and out. Call Eric Telchin and The Techin Group at 561.301.0249 or email Eric(at)TheTelchinGroup(dotted)com.

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One advantage the game has is its venue – it’s mostly played in wide-open spaces like the beautiful fairways of Ibis Golf and Country Club in West Palm Beach. Social distancing will hardly be an issue here. Moreover, golfing is a proven stress reliever and immunity booster.

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Enjoy golf at The Club at Ibis’ three Nicklaus family-designed golf courses

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