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Buying in a golf community: What to consider

golf course of a gated community

Living in a golf community is unlike any other. Imagine being surrounded by lush, tropical landscapes, spectacular views, world-class amenities, and friendly neighbors with common interests. Enticing, it is, but remember that no two golf communities are alike. There are some particular details that you should look into before deciding on the golf community to invest in. Here are some of them.

The location

Location is everything, especially when buying into a golf community. The right location means different things to different people. Are you looking for a secluded golf community in the countryside? Or do you want to stay close to the city? The weather is another factor to consider. If you want to engage in your favorite sports all year round, choosing a location with more days of sunshine is most ideal.

Aside from looking at the golf community as a whole, you also need to check out the layout of homes in the neighborhood. Searching for a home that offers more privacy? A golf course with an interior lot is your best bet. But if you’re after the incredible views, a premium lot is a top choice.

The amenities

One of the best things about living in a golf community is its amenities. Who doesn’t want unlimited access to the golf course and its other facilities? But before getting too excited over the amenities, first, take a look at what these amenities can offer you.

The golf course, in particular, should be one that you enjoy playing in. A famous course designed by a renowned golf course architect is certainly appealing, but your golfing experience should be the determining factor. Golf communities offering more than one course is most ideal since members of varying skill levels can play there. In evaluating the golf course, look at the course design, the course variety, the level of difficulty, and the playability.

Other amenities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness facilities, and restaurants should be taken into consideration, as well. Some golf communities may even have a variety of social, recreational, and family events that all members can enjoy.

The governing association

Most exclusive neighborhoods have a homeowners’ association (HOA) that sets rules and regulations for residents to abide by and this is mostly the case for a golf community. However, some golf communities may be governed by a property owners’ association (POA) rather than an HOA. Since there are commercial properties mixed in with residences in these golf communities, the slight change in nomenclature appropriately puts these businesses under the umbrella of the governing association.

Make sure to evaluate an HOA/POA before buying in a golf community. What are the monthly dues? What are the rules and regulations that members should follow? How will the golf community be maintained? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you determine if you are willing to abide by their rules and regulations.

The membership

Golf communities offer different memberships that can be purchased. Some golf community HOAs/POAs may require residents to also become members of the golf club. Social and recreational memberships are offered as well. Golf communities may also present you with attractive offers depending on the purchased membership level.

The resale value

Another factor that must be considered when buying in a golf community is the home’s resale value. You should think of the potential profit margin that the particular property could present if or when you decide to sell in the future. The location, the views, the amenities, and the golf course itself are just some of the factors that will contribute to a home’s resale value.

To learn more about a potential golf course property’s resale value, ask your real estate agent about the resale activity in the area, what it looks like, and the number of previously sold properties in the community.

Your agent’s experience

Working with a qualified and experienced real estate agent is a must when searching for the perfect golf course community. A neighborhood expert will tell you everything you need to know, from the amenities to the different membership types that the golf community offers.

When interviewing potential real estate agents, ask about the number of properties they have sold and how long they have been selling in that community. This way, you’ll learn more about your agent’s expertise and how well they know that particular golf community.

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