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Furnish Your New Luxury Home With These Essentials

Purchasing a luxury home is just the first step to living the high life. Once the deal is closed, the most exciting part begins – furnishing your new luxury property. To avoid being overwhelmed by the array of available choices, we've rou...

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Where to Go on a Date in West Palm Beach, Fl

A leisurely walk by the beach, with the sky in bright orange and shades of purple and pink over the horizon. The sound of the waves and cool air blowing. These are just some of the things that make a romantic sunset by the beach. The great ...

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How to Ace a Home Inspection and Sell Your Home Fast

When selling Ibis real estate in Florida or property anywhere else in a buyer's market, it's important for a seller  to make sure he's at an advantage so he can successfully close the deal on his terms. One of the ways to speed up the proc...

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How First-time Homebuyers Can Negotiate Better

Buying a first home is a major milestone for anyone. And getting the best value on your home purchase is a must, now more than ever. While you may rely on your real estate agent to haggle on your behalf, learning how to negotiate successful...

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Best Negotiation Tips When Selling Your Home

Not everyone has negotiation skills. In real estate, however, the ability to negotiate well comes with the job. It belongs to an agent’s arsenal to ensure that deals are successfully concluded. For home sellers, negotiating can help yo...

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