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How to successfully stage a luxury home

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Staging can do wonders for your luxury home. Not only does it highlight the home’s best features and selling points, but it also provides a visual narrative and makes your luxury home stand out from the rest. Moreover, business insiders and real estate experts know that professionally staged and furnished luxury homes sell for more than homes that haven’t been staged.

If you’re looking to sell your house fast in West Palm Beach, keep these important home staging tips in mind:

  1. Know your target buyer

    Staging a luxury home isn’t just about selling the home –it’s about selling a lifestyle. That’s why it’s essential to identify your target buyer and what they look for in a luxury home. What specific design style are they looking for? What kind of lifestyle do they want to have? With these questions in mind, you can already determine the style, look, and feel of the home based on what your target buyer would want.

  2. Choose a design style

    Now you know your target buyer; next is deciding on an interior design style to go for. Having a theme and style serves as your guide as you begin staging your home.

    Are you planning to give your luxury home a modern or contemporary look? Or are you looking into a mid-century modern, minimalist, or industrial style? And while it may seem tempting to choose a design based on your taste, you will fare better if you choose a style that will appeal to your target buyer instead.

  3. Identify the selling points

    When staging a home, it helps to identify your home’s strong selling points so that these features can be used as the focal points of your marketing strategy. It could be the spacious living room, the state-of-the-art kitchen, or the amazing view.

    And since what you have is a luxury home, you can highlight its unique amenities as well. If it has an outdoor entertaining area, for example, it can be staged to look as inviting as possible.

  4. Upgrade the lighting fixtures

    Lighting makes a huge difference when it comes to staging a luxury home. Aside from achieving a luxurious feel, it also customizes the space and gives a clearer and more defined presentation. There are a variety of lighting fixtures to choose from, including pendant lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, and table lamps.

    The lighting fixtures you select must complement the room’s look, design, and furniture. A chandelier in the dining room, for example, provides the appropriate lighting, given the right size and the expanse of the area.

  5. Layer different textures

    Staging a luxury home is all about striking a balance. That’s where textures come in. Texture, which is the surface quality of an object, adds dimension and elevates the overall look of the home. especially when layered. You can layer these for your preferred style. Choose from a wide variety of textures such as marble, glass, rugs, throw pillows, fur, patterned wall designs, and many more.

    The trick to layering different textures is by combining large textural pieces with smaller pieces and accessories. Place fabric textures against other items or furniture pieces for a striking contrast. Just make sure that the space isn’t overloaded with too many textural elements.

  6. Add mirrors

    Mirrors make a huge difference when it comes to staging your home. Aside from transforming the home by bringing in twice as much light and making the space feel larger, mirrors also make a stylish statement. Wondering where to place your mirrors? Hanging it across the window, over the mantle, in the dining room, and along the hallway is most ideal.

  7. Bring in rental furniture and additional accessories

    One way to help sell your space is by bringing in furniture. You can rent furniture to easily update the look of your home and select pieces that will match the theme that you’re going for.

    As you look for furniture to rent out, go for neutral pieces that make the home more visually appealing. The furniture you choose should also be consistent with the design and style of home.

    Accessories are a great addition, as well. Curated collectibles, elegant mirrors, ornate vases, shelves with decor items, and plants can enhance the look of your luxury home. You can also add a unique element such as custom or original art.

Your guide to Ibis Golf and Country Club

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