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How You and Your Partner Can Successfully Mix Decorating Styles in Your Luxury Home

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Moving in together is an exciting milestone in a relationship. You and your significant other can finally build a home that’s equal parts you and them. When coming up with the interior design, however, one of the main concerns often encountered is how to decorate the home, especially when you and your partner have different tastes. Thankfully, there are various ways to reach common ground without compromising the overall aesthetic of your luxury home.

Strike a balance

The key to achieving a space that showcases both of your styles is to incorporate key pieces that might not exactly match but go well together, such as pairing a leather sofa with a soft accent table and rug. When in doubt, follow the 80/20 rule – have a uniform, neutral style for 80% of the room and use the remaining 20% to embellish with each of your personal preferences. This means keeping 80% of the room classically refined and luxurious and devoting 20% to a fun, casual or less structured style.

Let your walls set the mood

The color of the walls sets the tone of the room, so it’s best to choose a color that alludes to the room’s purpose. If you want to create a gender-neutral space, you can mix and match wall colors and furniture. For example, you can place a dark sofa with light-colored throw pillows against a lighter-colored wall. You can also pair dark walls with brighter shades to soften the overall feel.

Use bigger pieces

A big piece of art can make a statement in a room. Large artwork can make an otherwise neutral room feel more grand and luxurious, while giving a personal touch. This technique works best in spaces such as the living room or dining room, in which light, neutral colors can be accentuated with statement pieces you and your partner can agree on. If you like an eccentric piece of art, make it the focal point of the space and build the rest of the room around it. That way, the artwork adds charm to the room effortlessly instead of trying and failing to make it blend in.

Look to accessories

Using accessories can bring two different styles together, and the right ones can transform a room entirely. For rooms with bold decor, you can opt for softer accessories. It’s important for accessories to come together by serving to integrate two styles seamlessly.  The contrast also makes for a more interesting and dynamic space. For example, a home office or library can have dark tones and rough textures with some light and elegant pieces on the shelves.

Use textures and patterns

Neutral hues are best matched with textured pieces. Metal and leather give off an elegant vibe and can make a room feel luxurious when used correctly. Mix and match with restraint. Juxtapose a modern geometric chandelier over a white marble and gold coffee table, for example. Or, take your cue from Neoclassical interior design.

Keep it simple

Keeping the decor simple can be elegant and luxe. If there are too many decorative items with clashing styles, the space can look cluttered and messy. Choose one or two statement pieces and keep the rest fresh and relaxed. Likewise, using too many different colors throughout the house can feel random and lack cohesiveness. While a case can be made that separate rooms can be an opportunity to apply disparate styles, it’s an undertaking best left to professional designers. It’s better – and simpler – to choose a few colors that you and your partner both like, so that the rooms of the house have a unified feel. That way, it feels more seamless when you go from one room to the next.

Stay neutral

For common areas such as the kitchen or dining area, it’s best to stay neutral. Choose earth-toned and whitish hues for the walls, curtains, and furniture, then add your preferred accent colors. If you need to soften bolder tones, use peach not pink, graphite not black. Or, draw inspiration from these kitchen design trends for 2023.

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