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Preparing for a move to a luxury home

Whether you are about to embark on a move or it is still a few weeks or months ahead, planning your move always helps. It will minimize the stress and might even make the process enjoyable for you and your loved ones. Below are a few tips to help you start your life in your new luxury home on the right foot.

  1. Be organized

    Having everything in order is key to a smooth moving process. If you coordinate and schedule everything, things will go without a hitch. Have a binder or a folder where you can keep all the pertinent documents—this includes a moving checklist, timelines, contact numbers, contracts, receipts, and paperwork.

    The checklist should include the following: ordering packing materials, hiring movers, scheduling shut-off services for your current home’s utilities, and setting up mail forwarding to your new home. For a more organized checklist, you can incorporate a weekly timeline. This way, you will know when to do a certain task and prepare for the others ahead of time.

    Apart from keeping move-related documents in a binder, put all of your important paperwork, such as passports and financial details, in one place that won’t get misplaced during the move.

  2. Declutter

    Take note of your personal belongings and assess which ones you would like to take to your new home. It’s important to take measurements of furniture and check whether they will fit through doors, other entryways, and the rooms you intend to place it.

    There are also bound to be some furniture or decor that don’t match or complement the aesthetic of your luxury home; consider giving them away to friends or family, donating to a local organization that repurposes used furniture, or selling. By decluttering, you will be able to streamline your move, take stock of your possessions, and save on moving costs.

  3. Do inventory

    Once you have divided your belongings into “keep,” “sell,” “donate,” or “throw away” boxes, conduct an inventory of everything you intend to bring into your new home. While this might seem tedious, this will help you estimate moving costs. Furthermore, you can use this inventory for keeping track of items when you get insurance and when you hire a moving company.

  4. Take pictures

    Before you disassemble and disarrange items, take pictures to help you remember how they’re set up. This will help you eliminate unwanted stress from trying to figure out what goes where, and how they are supposed to look like. It will also be wise to take photos of items that are valuable and fragile, so you can check for damages after transit. These are especially important when making insurance claims.

  5. Label and color code

    Labeling and color coding boxes adds more organization to the general packing and unpacking process. Assign colors for each room and label each box accordingly as you fill them up. You can use colored stickers, tapes, or markers. You can go one step farther by creating a list of items included in the box. That way, when unpacking, you can double-check if you are missing something.

  6. Separate the essentials

    When packing, important documents and key items, such as chargers, toiletries, medications, a couple sets of clothes, and other things you will need as you get settled into your luxury home. These can be put in an overnight bag, which can help ease the transition. Separate overnight bags should be prepared if you are moving with children or with pets.

    In preparation for your first few days in your new luxury home, it also helps to pack groceries and other food items. With this kit, you avoid making emergency runs to the supermarket and ordering food delivery. Instead, you can use the time getting acquainted with your home.

  7. Set up the new house

    Part of moving preparations is making sure your new home is set up and ready to receive you. Do a final check-in to see if utilities, such as water, internet, and electricity, are available and working. Make sure that the HVAC system and all existing appliances and fixtures are functioning properly. Doors and windows should be secure.

    If you intend to make changes such as repairs or renovations, get these done before moving in, if time permits. It’s also important to have the entire home cleaned beforehand. That way, all you need to do once you move in is unpack and organize.

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