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Upgrade your luxury home’s security with these high-end solutions

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Your luxury home is a tempting target for thieves and robbers. As such, it’s important to keep your home, as well as your family and your investments, safe from burglars and other types of criminals.

The regular lock and key combo is not enough to protect you and your home from crafty thieves these days. To have some peace in mind, consider investing in the best security systems available in the market.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of the most important security upgrades and tips that can help keep your home safe.

  1. Install the best security cameras

    A CCTV camera is a common security measure. But despite their prevailing presence in homes, robberies can still occur. Experienced burglars can easily take advantage of a regular CCTV’s weaknesses, such as blind spots, to make clean getaways.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to be stuck with old CCTV camera models. Security tech companies have made advancements in security cameras, broadening your selection of anti-burglary measures for your home.

    One of the most important features you want in a security camera is ultra-high-definition imagery. You can get this in a security camera with an eight-megapixel image sensor. This can produce crisp and clear 1080p video footage.

    4K digital zoom features are another must-have for security cameras, especially for larger homes. These devices provide more coverage and allow you to zoom in on plate numbers, IDs, and faces. In case of a burglary, 4K digital zoom makes identifying culprits easier
    Since most burglaries happen in the dark of night, consider security cameras with 4K color night vision. With this technology installed, the police can quickly identify burglars through hair color, facial features and even the color of the clothes they wore. For best results, choose security cameras with image sensors that are highly sensitive to light.

    There are a few other features you want in your home’s security cameras. You should have remote viewing. This allows you to view the camera feed from wherever you are. Pair this with smart home technology that automatically snaps pictures of people at your front door.

  2. Invest in high-tech alarms, sensors, and locks

    State-of-the-art security cameras might help you identify criminals, but they can’t prevent theft from happening altogether. You’ll need additional measures, preferably ones that will shake off possible burglary attempts.

    Experienced thieves do their research, too. Before going on a stealing spree, they check properties and identify existing security measures in place. One of the first things they do is to check the front door. There are plenty of ways to quietly disable a lock these days, making it easy to slip in undetected.

    It’s time to rethink your doors’ security systems to better protect your home from intruders. Invest in the latest in door-locking technology. Doors can be outfitted with a PIN number lock now, where each member of the house is assigned their own PIN to enter the home. Some doors can even be linked to your smartphone, and open when the phone is in close proximity. These options will still allow you to use the classic house key.

    Sensors these days are also smarter than ever. With the use of facial recognition technology, a camera can pick up an unknown presence on your front door or in your house. It can then alert the police while scaring off the intruder using an extremely loud alarm. Some sensors can be connected to your smartphone through an app, allowing you to control entry of your home remotely.

  3. Hire a well-trained security team

    If your home is too visible to leave unattended, then it might be smart to hire a security team. They can successfully scare off burglars as well as provide extra muscle in case of attempted break-ins.

    Security guards are more suited for businesses, but if you live in a multi-million luxury home in West Palm Beach, then it could be worth your while to hire an experienced team of security personnel. When your well-being and prized possessions are at risk, then safety should have no price limit.

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