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Where to Go on a Date in West Palm Beach, FL

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A leisurely walk by the beach, with the sky in bright orange and shades of purple and pink over the horizon. The sound of the waves and cool air blowing. These are just some of the things that make a romantic sunset by the beach. The great thing is that various properties in West Palm Beach, Florida offer this experience for couples.

For a quick round-up of the best date places in West Palm Beach and to experience more of the Ibis lifestyle, read more below.

  1. Stroll down Worth Avenue

    Take it slow and enjoy the view by strolling along Down Worth Avenue where different stores and shops make for great browsing. There are nice cafes and restaurants here as well where couples can engage in a relaxing conversation or just simply enjoy each other’s company.

  2. Explore Peanut Island

    By the port of Palm Beach sits Peanut Island offering several activities. Couples can go  hiking, camping, snorkeling, and swimming. The manmade island boasts crystal waters and gorgeous coral reefs. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy the nature trails on the island. One can also find a bunker here that was previously used by President John F. Kennedy.

  3. Drop by Loggerhead Marine Life Center on Juno Beach

    This small museum was built to promote marine conservation, especially of sea turtles. Enjoy a romantic day by the beach by dropping in and learning about sea turtles and marine life, as well as exploring the nature trails outside and taking in the scenic landscape.

    Nature lovers will also be thrilled to know that this museum is a breeding ground for three types of sea turtles – loggerheads, leatherbacks, and green turtles. In particular seasons, they can be seen by the beach. It’s good to remember, however, that these sea turtles do not follow a schedule and just come up whenever they feel like it.

  4. Bond over paddleboards

    Why not add another activity to the date with paddleboarding? This is a great shared  experience and also a good workout. Whether you’re trying it out for the first time or are an avid paddleboarder, this activity guarantees hours of fun for both you and your date. Try a paddleboard kayak hybrid on Riviera Beach. Go on a package adventure which includes a guided three- hour eco-tour.  Guests can paddleboard through MacArthur Beach State Park to the northern part of Singer Island.

    For a romantic paddleboarding date, go for the Sunset Paddle experience that includes 1.5 hours of exploring the water as the sun sets over the horizon. There’s also a kayak tour capped with a romantic picnic after.

  5. Have dinner on a yacht

    While others might enjoy a nice meal by the lovely restaurants at West Palm, take it up a notch by having it aboard the Majestic Princess. This two-deck yacht cruise on Riviera Beach offers twilight cruises, and an option for a seafood meal (lunch or dinner).

    Pro tip: Check out the calendar of Majestic Princess when making your reservations by asking if there are scheduled concerts around those dates. Sunset cruise, dinner, and live music. A movie-like romantic date, for sure!

  6. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Clematis Street

    As the sun sinks over the horizon, Clematis Street on West Palm Beach comes to life. If it’s a Thursday, enjoy  Clematis by Night, a fountain-side concert that starts at 6 p.m. and ends at 9. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s as romantic as you and your date want it to be.

    One of the recommended casual date spots in Clematis Street is the Lost Weekend, which has billiard tables, air hockey tables, and cozy couches. Another local favorite is Off the Hookah, which is descriptive of the experience.

  7. Give it a swing at Ibis Golf and Country Club

    Also known as The Club, this relaxing spot is surrounded by rolling hills and scenic views. It’s got three championship golf courses designed by the golf legend Jack Nicklaus, if you want to go on a golf date.

    The clubhouse also features a 4,300-square-foot spa, an aquatics center, and a yoga wall. There is a Tennis Center as well with 16 courts.

    If you’re way past first dates, consider a wedding reception at The Club, in a venue that can accommodate 450 guests,

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