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Why sellers shouldn’t skip professional home inspections


If your goal is to sell your home fast in West Palm Beach, a pre-listing inspection can make all the difference. Similar to a home inspection that buyers would get after the seller accepts their offer, a pre-listing inspection allows you to address any issues before your home is placed on the market. Here are the advantages of getting your home inspected:

  1. It shows the hidden issues

  2. During a professional home inspection, the inspector will look at the home’s interiors and exteriors. Depending on how thorough the seller wants the pre-listing inspection to be, the inspector can examine everything – from the home’s foundation to its electrical systems. Any issues found will be taken note of and placed in the report. Some of the issues that are commonly found in a home inspection are leaks, mold, exposed wiring, water quality, and damaged door and window frames.

  3. It lets you get ahead of the repairs

  4. Typically, when the buyer’s home inspection report reveals certain issues, the buyer will ask the seller to fix these issues within a given time frame. But knowing the problems present in your home beforehand gives you the advantage of handling any repairs or improvements that your home needs in your own time. Moreover, you’ll have enough time to shop around for the best vendors, contractors, and materials.

    A pre-listing inspection also lets you know which repairs to prioritize. A common mistake that many sellers make is focusing solely on the appearance of the home instead of addressing the necessary repairs. While a home that appears stunning will have a good first impression on buyers, it’s the condition and the structural integrity of the property that matters more.

  5. It sets a more accurate price

  6. When sellers price their home for sale, it is typically based on current market trends and similar homes that have been recently sold. Another factor that can influence your home’s listing price is its condition. After the pre-listing inspection reveals any defects or damages in your home, you can decide whether to fix these issues or adjust the price accordingly.

    And if you do go with making the necessary repairs, you can confidently justify the higher price to the buyer. An improvement made on your property, whether it’s a minor fix or a major one, could potentially boost its value.

  7. It provides more leverage

  8. The home inspection also plays a significant role when you get to the negotiation process. Since you’ve already had the pre-listing inspection, you can avoid major surprises that pop up during the buyer’s own home inspection. You are also prepared for any inspection-related points that the buyer brings up during negotiations.

  9. It gives the buyer more confidence

  10. When buyers see that you are transparent about your home’s condition, it increases your credibility and trustworthiness. Sellers are also required by law to disclose defects and property issues found during the pre-listing inspection.

    Getting a pre-listing inspection also gives the buyer peace of mind because it shows that you care about keeping the home in good shape. Once you have a potential buyer, let them know about the pre-inspection report and list the issues you have fixed.

  11. It gives you peace of mind

  12. If a pre-listing inspection gives the buyer more confidence, it will give you – the seller – peace of mind. Sellers often worry about unexpected issues coming up during the buyer’s home inspection. It could lead to last-minute negotiations, pressure to address the issues within a short period of time, or – worst-case scenario – the buyer walking away.

    Knowing the condition of your home before you list it helps to eliminate any doubts or worries. It also helps in setting expectations when it comes to your property’s value.

  13. It can help sell your home faster

When you address the issues found in the pre-listing inspection, you take a proactive approach to selling your home. While the buyer will most likely push through with their own inspection regardless, the major issues have already been resolved. Homes that have undergone a pre-listing inspection tend to sell faster, as well.

Selling a home is an exciting, yet challenging process. That’s why it helps to have a team of real estate experts by your side. Let The Telchin Group, LLC provide you with all the tools you need for a successful home sale. We would be more than happy to help you on your home-selling journey. Get in touch with us today at 561.301.0249 or connect with us here to get started.

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