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Since the 1990s, residences in The Club at Ibis have been among the most sought-after golf homes, not only in the West Palm Beach real estate market, but throughout the United States. Homeowners here are in an excellent position to turn a profit from their original investment when they sell their property.

Are you thinking about putting your Ibis home back on the market? Follow this guide for a smooth and rewarding home sale.

  • Work with an Ibis real estate expert

Real estate is always local. Working with a Realtor with substantial experience in the community is key to successfully navigating the nuances of the home selling process here. With the right professional partner, you will have the resources and expert insights you need to help you make the right decisions.

For home sellers at The Club at Ibis, there is no one better to turn to than “Mr. Ibis” himself, Eric Telchin. A permanent Ibis resident since 2004, Eric’s in-depth knowledge of the market will be your ultimate advantage.

  • Prepare your home

Together with your Realtor, go over your property to determine the repairs and improvements it might need. The goal is not merely to make it look presentable, but to ensure that it appeals to the most discriminating luxury buyers.

Here are essential steps you need to take at this stage:

  • Deep cleaning and depersonalizing

It takes much more than a casual sweeping or dusting to make your house look like it should get nothing but top-dollar offers. Leave it to the professionals to do a thorough cleaning of every nook and cranny of your property so you can focus your time and energy on other matters relevant to your sale.

What you can do on your own is to put away any personal knickknacks and decor. Buyers viewing your home will appreciate seeing a “blank slate” — or at least a neutral one — as this makes it easier for them to envision how they will make the space their own.

  • Essential repairs

Identify areas and fixtures that need to be repaired or updated, particularly major components like the roof, HVAC, plumbing, and electricity.

Do not ignore small things like leaking faucets, creaky door hinges, or flickering light bulbs. The slightest flaw can be enough to discourage meticulous buyers.

If you want to pursue renovations and upgrades, choose cost-effective projects, instead of going all-in on a major overhaul. You will have better returns from small but useful upgrades, rather than an expensive cosmetic renovation.

When in doubt, consult your Realtor for recommended improvements that will enhance the value of your home.

  • Home staging and photography

Professional staging can help sell your home up to 88% faster and up to 20% higher price than an unstaged home. By highlighting your home’s most desirable features, you will attract more serious buyers and substantial offers.

Professional photography is an important complement to staging services. Through high-quality photos and videos, you can make your portfolio of promotional material even more impressive.

  • Determine the right selling price

Setting the correct asking price for your home is essential to the success of your home sale. You will want to avoid overpricing, which can leave your property ignored by savvy buyers on the market.

Work with your agent to compare and analyze the asking and final sale prices of similar homes in your area. Your Realtor’s access to crucial market resources will come in handy, while their experience and expertise will guide you as you crunch the numbers toward a reasonable and market-based asking price.

  • Market the home

Tap your agent’s skills, experience, and network to provide maximum exposure for your property. Depending on your preferences, you can list your home publicly or keep it off-market to protect your privacy. In the latter case, you will benefit from working with a Realtor who is established and well-connected in the local area.

  • Review and negotiate offers

Once offers start to come in, work with your Realtor to screen and evaluate them. Consider not only the offer price but also other terms of the sale, including contingencies and any deal sweeteners the buyer might throw in.

When you find your ideal offer, use your agent’s refined negotiation skills to reach a mutually acceptable final deal with the buyer.

  • Accept an offer and go to escrow

Once you and the buyer sign a purchase contract, you will enter escrow. During this period, both parties must work to remove all contingencies included in the contract.

Your role at this stage is to ensure that the buyer’s inspector and appraiser has access to your property. Should any issues on the property be identified through the inspection, act fast to address the necessary repairs or, if requested, renegotiate the final terms with the buyer.

  • Close the sale

When all contingencies are satisfied, you can close the deal with your buyer. The escrow company will release the funds to you, while the title is transferred to the buyer.

Get great returns from your home sale with The Telchin Group

Look no further for the best professional partners that will help you sell your house fast in the dynamic West Palm Beach market. Contact The Telchin Group at 561.301.0249 or email Eric(at)TheTelchinGroup(dotted)com to learn more.


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