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9 Items to Check When Buying a New House

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It’s easy to get carried away once you find the home of your dreams. But before you buy a house in Ibis, here are a few items to inspect during your next home viewing appointment.

Major appliances

Most home purchases come with major appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, stovetops, and so on. Make sure that all of these items are working properly before making an offer. If any of these appliances show signs of defect, negotiate repairs or replacements with the seller.

You can also negotiate slightly lower if a major inclusion, such as a double-door fridge, isn’t working as it should. At the very least, you should be able to ask if the cost of repairs can be deducted from the total.

Electric outlets

Bring a phone charger to your next home viewing appointment. Ask the seller’s representative if you can plug it into the wall to see if the electrical outlet is working properly. You can try this in every room to make sure that all outlets are working as they should. If not, you can ask the seller to make repairs before making an offer.

Electric panel

It’s common practice for home inspectors to conduct electrical reviews. However, this is a general review that won’t cover every detail. When viewing a home, ask to take a peek at the electrical panel. The wires should look neat and organized with connections marked clearly. Be wary of messy and tangled wiring, which is a sign of poor workmanship and could potentially be a safety hazard.

Doors, windows, and gates

Check if all doors, windows, and gates close and open properly. See to it that the knobs, locks, and hinges are in good working condition. Make sure that all access points on the property, including exterior doors, windows, dog flaps, garage doors, and the main gate, are secure. This ensures that all entryways can keep out intruders and stray animals that can harm or damage the property.

Closets and cupboards

Storage is an important factor in many buyers’ decision to make an offer. Inspect the cupboards and closets on the property to make sure that you’ll get sufficient storage. This may be tricky if the seller still lives in the property and have their belongings stored in the closets. If this is the case, ask the seller’s representative politely if you can take a quick peek in the cupboards and closets.

Toilets and faucets

Check for leaking faucets, burst pipes, and clogged toilets. Make sure that the flush and shower head in every bathroom is working properly. If you notice any problems with drainage and water pressure, let the seller’s representative know right away so that they can make repairs before you make an offer.

Attic and basement

Check the attic and basement for any signs of mold, water entry, dampness, cracks, and other issues. Severe cases of mold and dampness can potentially cause health issues among family members as well as rot and structural damage to the property. If the home has a crawlspace, you’ll want to have the area inspected as well.

Zoning permits and regulations

If you plan on making extensive renovations to the property or having it torn down to make way for new constructions, check for zoning regulations and homeowners association (HOA) rules affecting your decision. Some neighborhoods may have restrictions on zoning and construction depending on the area. Make sure that you’ll be able to secure the necessary permits ahead of time.


Does the property have a clean title? Are there any liens on the home? Will the seller be able to transfer the title and other pertinent documents to your name with no issues or delays?

Buying a home that is under litigation can complicate the entire process. For example, if the former owner has just recently passed away, heirs can come forward to lay claim to the property. This can cause delays in closing.

When purchasing Ibis real estate, talk to an agent and make sure that the property has a clear title and that the seller is the rightful owner of the property.

Don’t hesitate to ask the seller’s agent questions about the general condition and legal status of the home. Being diligent and assertive will help you determine whether or not the property is truly the right one for you.

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