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“The members of The Telchin Group live and play in Ibis. We pride ourselves in being best equipped to help our buyers find the perfect Ibis home, and at the best possible price. We believe in building long-term and meaningful relationships with our clients and we work tirelessly to make sure that their home buying experience in Ibis is nothing short of seamless.”
–Eric Telchin, Broker, The Telchin Group LLC

More buyers work with The Telchin Group LLC to find their perfect Ibis home than any other firm. Having worked with buyers in hundreds of Ibis transactions, members of The Telchin Group are constantly adapting to the Ibis market and assisting their buyers realize their Ibis real estate goals.


The Telchin Group’s strategy for the initial phase of the buying process in The Club at Ibis entails broad searches to establish your needs, followed by “narrowing down” to find the right property that satisfies your needs. They will show you everything available in The Club at Ibis that matches your preferences, whether or not it is their listing.


Zeroing in on an Ibis property, or several Ibis properties, often involves viewing the home at different times of day, assessing comparables and preparing to make an offer. While some buyers prefer to purchase an Ibis home that is move-in perfect, some buyers like the idea of obtaining an excellent value on a property and doing some improvements themselves. Because The Telchin Group is the leading firm in Ibis, Telchin Group agents are best equipped to educate buyers as to which properties have the best potential for resale value, and which properties might not make sense to invest significant dollars in.


The offering phase of the buying process in The Club at Ibis is one area where The Telchin Group really shines. Through their Ibis expertise and market knowledge, they are able to secure you the best price possible. Who better to have negotiating on your side negotiate than the definitive Number One Ibis Real Estates Team? Additionally, Eric, Barbara, Steve and Josie know the best ways to structure an offer to get you the best possible price.


Finalizing the contract and making sure everything is in place is an essential part of securing your Ibis home. The Telchin Group realizes the importance of detail-oriented work after the sale is commenced. Because of the volume of Ibis sales they procure each year, they have developed effective systems that efficiently interface with Ibis membership, Ibis POA, title companies, lenders and appraisers.


After the contract for your Ibis Golf Club Home is executed, the inspection is set-up. The Telchin Group has several inspectors to recommend, or you can hire one you are comfortable with. Most contracts require the seller to fix items needing attention, up to a negotiated amount. Or, you may choose to take care of repairs yourself with an ‘As-Is’ contract, where the seller is technically not responsible for repairs. Often, in the case of ‘As-Is’ contracts, repairs and/or credits are negotiated after the contract has been executed.


This phase of the Ibis buying process is extremely important. During this time, The Telchin Group will assist you in setting up your utilities, arranging your financing, working with appraisers, helping with insurance needs and making sure repairs are complete, if applicable. The Telchin Group will help you determine which Club at Ibis membership plan is right for you, and will assist coordination with the membership department.


Congratulations! You are a resident and member of the Club at Ibis!


The Telchin Group looks forward to a continued relationship as your fellow Ibis members and neighbors. They are constantly available to help you assimilate into the community, whether that be recommending a repairperson, restaurant or helping you find a suitable golf, tennis or card game. Eric, Barbara, Steve and Josie are excited to introduce to the top selling private country club community in Northern Palm Beach County. Welcome home to the Club at Ibis.


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