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Best practices when selling a home in the midst of a pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic may have brought about uncertain times but one thing remains true: people will continue to buy and sell homes as shelter is a basic human need. That’s why property for sale, especially in prime areas like West Palm Beach, will never lose demand – notwithstanding external forces affecting the market.

In fact, it’s only getting better as people are getting adjusted to the new normal, the economy is picking up where it left off after the initial shockwave of the pandemic, and various government-backed stimulus packages are still in place to aid those hit hard by its economic repercussions.

Moreover, with the upscale real estate market soaring at all-time highs in exclusive communities like Ibis, sellers of luxury homes have more reasons to smile.

However, the threat of the coronavirus is still very much around, and proper health protocols have to be practiced if you’re planning on selling your home at this time. Here are some of the best home-selling practices so far:

Postpone open houses

If it can be avoided, it is best to forego the open house viewing to lower the risk of virus transmission. But if you’re dealing more with a serious buyer than a window shopper, then you can allow them in-person entry into your home. Just make sure to consult with your real estate agent on the protocols to follow for a safe in-person home viewing.

Still, the next item is the better option…

Offer virtual showings

If you’re putting up your West Palm Beach real estate for sale, you can adjust your marketing strategy to fit the times. Professional photos and high-quality videos have long been the norm to attract potential buyers but now, going on live via video calling apps like Zoom and FaceTime is the new order of the day.

Through these virtual showings, buyers can “walk through” the house without needing to set foot on your property. These also allow interaction, so buyers can ask questions and make requests in real time.

Stage your home right

Pandemic or not, staging is a highly recommended aspect of selling your home as it increases buyer interest. You don’t need to spend on new furniture or major home upgrades. Some rearranging and cleaning would do. Decluttering and bringing down living areas to their minimalist essentials also help in allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

Disinfect and minimize surface contact

These days, simply cleaning is not enough. At most, you’re only eliminating dust and grime. But for dangerous pathogens like the one causing this pandemic, your cleaning should be complemented with disinfecting.

Clean and disinfect your house thoroughly before and after in-person showings to create the safest environment for everyone involved in it. Make hand sanitizers available in several stations within the home. For buyers to minimize contact with any surface, open all drawers, shelves, doors, closets, windows, and lights beforehand. And if you’re still residing in your home while it’s on the market…

Give away showing kits

This showing kit can effectively lower the risk of virus exposure. In this kit, you’ll have disposable gloves, surgical masks, shoe covers, and hand sanitizer for everyone involved in the showing.

Practice electronic transactions

Florida has allowed e-signatures for legal documents, so maximize the use of this in document-signing to protect yourself and your buyer. You can tap some reliable e-signing websites and apps for this. But if a handwritten signature is required, then your agent can step in on your behalf to handle the nuances.

Be patient with delays

Challenges such as travel restrictions or service provider unavailability were recently introduced to the home-selling process due to the pandemic. Patience is now a virtue as you need to deal with delays that may extend the duration of your transaction. This is why setting schedules with affiliated industry professionals like home appraisers should be done early on to minimize these delays.

On unaccompanied inspections and appraisals

Inspectors are now checking houses unaccompanied – without the buyer, seller, or agent – to ensure protection for everyone while they do inspections. You will find them wearing the same personal protective equipment you normally see on medical frontliners these days as their work is almost just as risky.

As a safety precaution, it’s best for you not to be hovering near the inspector as they work. Also, make sure to clean every high-touch surface of your home before and after the inspection.

Apart from the standard home inspector visit, virtual appraisals are also accepted these days. The inspector will require measurements of your home’s interior and exterior to do this. You also need to include a good number of photos of each area, including the exteriors, to give the appraiser a more accurate idea of the home’s condition. They will release a report based on these values you submit to them.

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