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Managing Self-Sanitation at Your Favorite West Palm Beach Golf Courses

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Fantastic news for West Palm Beach’s most avid golf aficionados arrived at the end of April as the Palm Beach County government officially allowed golf courses to re-open after a hiatus of roughly five weeks.

Golf courses in Palm Beach County, as in the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward, was ordered to temporarily close along with other commercial and recreational establishments starting March 26 as a measure to curb the further spread of COVID-19.

Ready to hit the links again in West Palm Beach? Keep these tips in mind as you return to your favorite pastime:

  1. Be aware of the restrictions and guidelines being implemented

    While COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease in various locations across the country, make no mistake: the coronavirus threat is still at large and precautions must continue to be taken to protect all players.

    Because of this, you should expect a few changes in your usual golf routine for the time being. You might notice, for example, that the holes are filled so that the ball no longer goes into them, or that there are no rakes in the bunkers anymore.

    To make sure that the new playing guidelines do not put a damper on your return to the links, call the golf club ahead of time to familiarize yourself with the protective measures they have in place.

  2. Bring a carry bag or push cart

    For now, golf cart use is limited to single riders or to groups that share the same household. This means golf carts are likely to run out faster than usual. Caddy services are also still suspended, and golf course staff are not allowed to handle your bags and other equipment.

    Bring a lightweight bag or a collapsible trolley or pushcart instead. This will spare you from the hassle and pains of having to carry your gear around on your own.

  3. Pack extra balls and tees

    Sharing equipment—even down to golf balls and tees—is currently prohibited. For your protection, bring your own, along with plenty of spares. Avoid picking up tees and balls you find along the way, as well.

  4. Wear a mask when you have to interact with people

    While you do not need to wear a mask while you are out on the green, there are inevitable and unavoidable contact points throughout your day at the golf course.

    From checking in at the counter or bumping into a friend or acquaintance, you are bound to have an interaction with other people at some point. Having a mask with you at all times will come in handy.

  5. Carry a bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go

    Hand sanitizers come in pocket-size bottles that should be easy enough to carry around throughout the day. Make it a habit to use these disinfectants whenever you touch or handle a frequently touched item anywhere on the course, as well as at the check-in counter.

  6. Bring your own snacks and water

    While the golf course might be open, some amenities that you are used to, like roaming food and beverage carts, are still not allowed to operate. Drinking stations are also unavailable for public use for now.

    Some clubs might offer food and beverage for take-out, but packing your own refreshments may be best for your convenience and peace of mind.

  7. Keep your distance

    Being a primarily individual, non-contact sport, golf is one of the safest sports to play despite current circumstances. Still, the games are often a social activity. Until the coronavirus threat is 100% eliminated, stay mindful of social distancing practices even if you are itching to congratulate or heckle your playing partners.

    Always stand at least six feet apart from other people and avoid handshakes and similar social courtesies for now. Wait your turn at the tee box or at the green to prevent crowding, and remember not to touch the flagstick.

  8. Take all of the changes in stride

    Your games may feel quite different as you return to your favorite golf courses. But instead of letting the little tweaks and restrictions annoy you, celebrate the fact that you are back out there again instead of being stuck at home.

    Keep things in perspective. The longer wait between rounds can be time to appreciate the sheer beauty of your surroundings. The limited social contact can provide you with the mental space you need to focus on improving your game.

    And always remember: these protective measures and health guidelines are not only about you, but also about everyone else that you encounter and interact with on a regular basis.

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