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Ibis Luxury Country Club


The Telchin Group, Ibis Golf and Country Club’s definitive number one sales team welcomes you to the best golf in South Florida. Ibis Golf Club offers three spectacular 18-hole championship Nicklaus courses: 54 Holes of Nicklaus magic offering Ibis members a variety of play, and access to Florida’s greatest golf.

With award-winning courses — The Legend, The Heritage and The Tradition – world-class golf is the very center of the Ibis experience. Ibis Golf and Country Club is the only private club in the world to boast three superb Nicklaus family-designed courses.

“Ibis is the first opportunity I’ve had to design courses that meld themselves so naturally into such beautiful and undisturbed surroundings” – Jack Nicklaus


In 1991, Jack Nicklaus launched a perfect ceremonial first tee shot down the center of Ibis’s Legend fairway No. 1 and a Legend was born. Described as his “masterpiece” Golf Week magazine rated Ibis Golf and Country Club’s Legend one of the country’s most Distinctive Courses. Leading the distinctive triple crown of Nicklaus-designed golf courses at Ibis, the Legend is Jack Nicklaus’s signature Ibis course. The Legend is a favorite of Ibis Golf and Country Club members and guests.


One of Golf Digest’s Top 20 new private courses, Jack Nicklaus II’s Heritage Course at Ibis is famous for its substantial bunkers and formidable water hazards, as well as 5 sets of tees. Ibis members enjoy the Heritage’s tees ranging from approximately 5,000 to 7,000 yards out. Ibis Golf and Country Club’s Heritage is also regarded as the ‘most woman-friendly course’ in America by ‘Golf for Women’ magazine. Ibis’s Heritage Course is building a wonderful legacy in the fascinating world of golf.


Ibis Golf and Country Club’s Tradition Course uses lush native Florida vegetation to serve as a constant reminder to golfers that they’ve entered a new world: one of challenging competition and natural Floridian beauty. Steve Nicklaus’s stunning Tradition course at Ibis showcases larger greens, undulating landing areas and contoured fairways that stress shot execution, reminiscent of old world style, such as St. Andrews. Ibis’s unique location beautifully showcases this challenging course.


If you live for golf, Ibis is your paradise.

And just to make sure you’re at the top of your game, Ibis Golf and Country Club has a state-of-the-art 20-acre practice facility with master golf professionals. Ibis is proud to have some of South Florida’s premier golf professionals on its team. Ibis’s highly qualified staff members share a natural enthusiasm and love for this great game. Plus, Ibis is the only private club in the country that offers the exclusive services of Martin Hall, one of Golf magazine’s distinguished master instructors.

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