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Prioritize staging these rooms to sell your home faster

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Staging is a crucial home-selling process that makes your property more appealing to potential buyers. It transforms your home, makes it look brand new, and allows buyers to visualize themselves living in the home. However, there are some rooms that take precedence over others among buyers. Knowing which rooms to focus on is a huge help when staging your property.

Make sure that the following rooms get special attention as you prepare to stage your home before putting it on sale:

The kitchen

Known as the heart of every home, the kitchen is where everyone congregates to prepare, cook, and partake of food. Foot traffic is high here as this is where every member of the family gets their regular doses of nourishment and refreshment – or simply something to munch on.

You don’t need to go overboard in staging your kitchen. All you need to keep in mind is how any homebuyer would want their ideal kitchen to be: looking clean, smelling fresh, and feeling spacious.

How to stage it:

Start by cleaning your kitchen. A sparkling-clean kitchen makes a world of difference to your kitchen’s overall look and feel. Clean the windows – both inside and out, declutter the countertops, and organize the cupboards and cabinets. Pay attention to any strong or strange odors. Nothing turns off potential buyers more than terrible smells.

Giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh coat of paint also does the trick. Just make sure that the color you choose complements the rest of the kitchen counters and cabinets.

The master bedroom

The master bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s also a place to retreat, unwind, and be at your most comfortable. Buyers will look at the master bedroom as a sanctuary that they can see themselves retiring to after a long day.

How to stage it:

Transform your bedroom into a peaceful retreat by clearing all the clutter and cleaning the room thoroughly.Colors also make a huge difference when staging the master bedroom. Avoid colors that are too bright or too bold. Instead, go for neutral tones like beige, grays, and light blues.

Placing a rug or other floor accessories also adds more texture and gives the master bedroom a cozier vibe. As for furniture and accessories, keep these to a minimum. What will matter most to buyers will be the space that they could still walk around in even when the standard furniture like closets and a bed are put in place.

The living room

Another room that is critical to selling your home quickly is the living room. Similar to the kitchen, the living room is where everyone gathers to relax, spend time with family and friends, and make memories. The key to staging a living room is to create conversation areas. As the name suggests, conversation areas are where people can gather and socialize. This type of layout has a clear focal point and a good traffic flow.

How to stage it:

Keeping a neutral color scheme appeals to most potential buyers, so keep this in mind with both the master bedroom and the living room. But while a neutral color palette is most ideal, you can still mix in secondary and accent colors. Natural lighting is also a must for any living room. Maximize the light streaming in from your windows by cleaning them well and installing window treatments. You can even place mirrors across the windows to make the living room seem larger.

The outdoor area

The exterior of your home is just as important as its interior. If a potential buyer becomes impressed by your home’s interiors, a beautiful, well-maintained backyard could seal the deal. Since the backyard is an extension of a home, it makes sense to create an outdoor space that a potential buyer can enjoy with friends and family.

How to stage it:

Staging your exteriors starts the same way as your interiors – by cleaning and decluttering. Pack up tools, toys, or other items that are lying around. Remove any weeds or dead plants that you find. After clearing the area, make sure to trim the shrubs, mow the lawn, and remove dirt from surfaces.

To liven up your outdoor area, add colorful flowers, plants, and outdoor lighting fixtures. Planters and potted plants can also bring more style and character to your backyard.

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