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What to think about before purchasing an Ibis home

The Club at Ibis is a premium housing community that stands a cut above the rest. If you’re in the market to buy a house in West Palm Beach, The Club at Ibis is the place to be. Designed for the most discerning homebuyer, Ibis offers an array of fantastic amenities that help provide residents with an unparalleled standard of living. Demand for properties in all of the 33 neighborhoods within this exclusive gated community is always high. If the thought of luxury living at its finest appeals to you, here are some serious considerations to think about:

The importance of comparables

Comparables, also known as comps, are an essential component in any home-buying decision. Comps are even more critical when it comes to fully understanding West Palm Beach Real estate market conditions.

As you begin your search for a new home, an in-depth analysis of the comps will provide you with crucial information to make a smart buy. It can help determine what type of home would make the most sense for you to purchase.

Working with a real estate professional with intimate knowledge of the area can make all the difference. Work with someone like Eric Telchin, a tremendously successful realtor and founder of The Telchin Group. Eric, who has been an Ibis resident since 2004, would undoubtedly be an invaluable resource when you’re looking to buy a home in the area.

You will want to look into sales in the area. Pay special attention to the most recent sales — those within the past quarter to up to a year. These figures will provide you with a clearer picture of current market conditions. They can serve as the barometer of what to expect when purchasing West Palm Beach real estate for sale.

Differentiate between renovations & older original homes

When examining sales history, it is vital that you apply the appropriate context to the different types of properties available to you. Decide whether you’d prefer an updated home that’s practically move-in ready or one of the older homes that could benefit from a little more work. When it comes to homes at The Club at Ibis, the differences between the two are often significant enough to consider them as separate markets.

Identify which type of home appeals to you most before you do an in-depth analysis. This will allow you to compare like properties to one another and get an accurate indication of the market. The West Palm Beach average home price can vary significantly depending on whether a home is newly renovated or needs a bit of an update.

Location is everything

As with all types of real estate, location is key. Determine what matters to you most: amazing views, quiet and seclusion, or proximity to facilities? Whether you are in the market for an exquisite sprawling estate, a generously appointed single-family home, or an upscale townhome or condominium property, options abound at Ibis. Properties with better views and greater proximity to facilities, as expected, command the steepest prices. These properties hold their value and offer the most inherent potential as an investment.

If your privacy is more important, a home on a more secluded interior lot could be more in keeping with your ideals. What it really boils down to is individual preferences. Remember that the lot’s location can significantly influence the final price.

Different membership options

Buying an Ibis home entitles you entry into an illustrious and highly rated community. It also entitles you to choose from any of the four types of membership available at The Club: Premier Golf, Signature Golf, Tennis, and Social Sports. Depending on the type of membership you apply for and the membership level of the seller, you might even be able to secure your home at a more attractive price. Seek guidance from your agent in this regard.

Buying tips

  • Never purchase a property sight unseen. What may look attractive online may not look as great when you see it in person.
  • Talk with residents to better gauge if the lifestyle the community offers is in keeping with your aspirations.
  • Find out if there are any plans for development within the area that could impact property values and the desirability of living there.
  • Assess local market trends to find value-for-money properties. Seek your agent’s advice for this.

Have you decided to purchase property at the top-selling private country club community, the exclusive The Club at Ibis? If so, you need a realtor in West Palm Beach who knows the area well and will look after your best interests. For a seamless buying experience, count on Eric Telchin at The Telchin Group to find you the perfect home. Call 561.301.0249 or email Eric(at)TheTelchinGroup(dotted)com to learn more.

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