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5 Reasons why modern architecture is popular among luxury homebuyers

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In the world of luxury real estate, modern architecture has emerged as one of the most popular styles, captivating buyers with its sleek and sophisticated design. But why, exactly? In this blog post, we will explore the five key reasons behind the popularity of modern architecture in the luxury real estate market.


Modern architecture became popular in the 1930s as a type of response against the wildly intricate worlds of traditional European architecture. Heavy ornamentation was replaced with principles that function should influence form, giving way to clean, sleek lines and an emphasis on function. Many experts have also commented that the overall aesthetic of modern design was intended to be an equalizer of sorts, as architecture at the time was deeply intertwined with social inequality.

Interestingly enough, the birth of modern architecture is also largely attributed to progressive European architects, such as Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, and Mies van der Rohe. Their ideas were carried over across the Atlantic and into the United States by budding modernists, and to this day, it remains one of the most popular architectural styles in the country.

There are five principles to modern architecture:

  • Pillars to raise buildings and give room for other functional spaces, such as gardens and cars.
  • Roof gardens that can be installed on flat roofs as a means to add more living space to the home.
  • Open floor plans to create flexible living spaces and make allowances for two things: better flow of foot traffic and dispersion of natural light during the daytime.
  • Horizontal windows for balanced lighting throughout the house.
  • Separate façade structures to allow for more privacy and flexibility with regards to the positions of windows and doors.

Some of these five design pillars remain embedded in today’s modern architecture philosophy, especially open floor plans and lack of ornamentation. Later additions that are also key signifiers of modern homes include indoor-outdoor living spaces and the use of glass, steel, and reinforced concrete.


People have different style preferences, but the following reasons may be why modern architecture is so popular in luxury real estate.

  • It can be adapted to different climates and settings

    One misconception about modern homes is that they all look the same. But since modern architecture is flexible to suit individual styles and preferences, the reality is that there are many variations to choose from.

    Mid-century Modern, for instance, is an insanely popular off-shoot of modern architecture. It has transcended building design and has become a dominant force in interior and furniture design as well. Mid-century Modern homes can be found across the country, including Palm Beach County.

  • Many people are becoming more enamored with indoor-outdoor living

    Seamless indoor-outdoor integration is one of the key aspects of today’s modern home architecture, which contributes to the style’s overall popularity. Indoor-outdoor living not only has positive effects on a person’s lifestyle and well-being; it can also contribute to one’s efforts towards sustainability and eco-friendly living.

  • Modern luxury homes are easier to maintain

    With their lack of ornamentation and use of strong materials, modern luxury homes are comparatively easier to maintain than, say, a Spanish Colonial-style estate along the water. And while money is not an issue for many luxury homebuyers, it helps to have one less thing to worry about with regards to their responsibilities of being a homeowner.

  • Easy customization
    Since modern homes are minimalist and only guided by a few design principles, many luxury homebuyers find these properties easy to customize. There is no need to find a specialist in woodcarving or tile installation as the spotlight is on the materials. For instance, you can incorporate marble into a bathroom and find a color and pattern you love. If you want to add more warmth to the home, you can opt to have your favorite wood integrated into the overall interior design.
  • Modern homes are friendlier to the planet

    It takes much thought and careful consideration to design a beautiful but functional modern home. Materials– which are often natural– are specifically chosen. Indoor-outdoor living features as well as horizontal windows contribute to lower energy and heating costs. Having an open-concept floor plan can also significantly lessen the materials required to finish the home.

    If you are planning on installing more eco-friendly features into the home in the future, it will be easier to fit them into the design of a modern home. Flat roofs, for instance, are compatible with solar panels. You can also follow the early modernists and install a rooftop garden instead.

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